the house by binomial architecture is located in urbanization near the city of valencia, spain, close to a golf course, in a privileged and quiet environment. it provides excellent views and landscapes in the background, which together with the orientation and morphology of the plot, allow a home open to bright and spacious outdoors.

hoyo 7 1
all images by diego opazo



binomial architecture created three main white volumes that colonize the entire plot, adapt to its size, and comprise the main functions of the house. the elements of more private use remain in the background, leaving the access element in the foreground, which serves as a filter between the house and the street. as complementary elements to these three volumes, the smaller boxes appear, penetrating the larger ones.

hoyo 7 2



the smaller boxes contain the server spaces and connect the main volumes with each other to generate buffer spaces between both volumes. the housing program is organized according to the central volume and its enclosed volumes. this is distributed through a transparent area, which includes the living room and kitchen. it is connected to the pool area and gives access to the bedrooms, study, and gym.

hoyo 7 3



the guest house and garage are joined with the other two main volumes the black longitudinal element. it not only serves as a point of union between them but also works as a large porch linked to the pool and outdoor areas. the large openings in the façade of all the elements allow interior-exterior continuity, generating large bright spaces and long visuals. the elements that make up the house differ in their materiality. while the large volumes are lighter and are built with EIFS in white and iroko wood, the boxes that penetrate them are more massive, with a skin made up of stone masonry and dark-tone porcelain.

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project info:


name: hoyo 7

designer: binomial architecture

location: tower in conill, bétera, valencia, spain

area: 560 sqm

team: enrique victor mengual, josé ramón martínez cañadas, giacomo deluca and alba pérez montero

photography: diego opazo

builder: construcciones jovimarza sl

metalwork : innovations in aluminum dekovent sl

materialization: porcelanosa group


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