‘suspensions of space’ by htmn in nerima-ku, tokyo, japan all images courtesy htmn image © daici ano

tokyo-based architecture practice htmn (hiroaki takada, masayuki nakahata) has shared with us images of ‘suspension of space’, a renovation project for a young couple and their daughter in nerima-ku, tokyo, japan. working with the 2×4 construction of the pre-existing house, the design seeks to create an open space without compromising the structural walls already in place.

htmn: suspensions of space view from living room to dining area image © daici ano

initially, the clients wished for a wide open space devoid of internal walls but due to the structural restrictions of the pre-existing construction, the architects focused on not only the walls but the ceiling as a way of extending the dwelling’s sense of space. the old ceiling was removed and replaced with a collection of ‘broach roof’ forms which creates playful voids above the five rooms. resulting in new angles in addition to the extra vertical height, the eyes are drawn upwards to expand beyond the boundary of the layout. diffused light travels between rooms above the partial height partitions.

htmn: suspensions of space table connecting through the study room image © daici ano

in order to further establish a sense of connectedness, a series of internal windows were created between the living room, study room, and bedroom. a long desk was installed to pierce through these spaces to crease a loose sense of togetherness. the desk can come apart easily for reconfiguration when the type of usage changes.

htmn: suspensions of space private room image © daici ano

htmn: suspensions of space living room to nursery image © daici ano

htmn: suspensions of space open ceiling between spaces image © daici ano

htmn: suspensions of space axonometric

htmn: suspensions of space floor plan (1) living room (2) dining room (3) study room (4) room 1 (5) room 2 (6) bathroom

htmn: suspensions of space ceiling plan

htmn: suspensions of spacefloor plan before renovation

project info:

site area: 286.94 m2 built area: 139.31 m2 total floor area: 222.79 m2 second floor area: 83.46 m2 contractor: minaduki kousan ltd.