grandio's compact dwelling 'hüga' reimagines domestic space

grandio's compact dwelling 'hüga' reimagines domestic space

argentina-based architecture grandio completes its compact dwelling ‘hüga,’ born from the danish concept of hygee. this lifestyle, now widespread globally, promotes the pursuit of happiness without a reliance on material possessions, but rather curating an environment that is warm, intimate, and cozy. value is placed on time spent and enjoyed with oneself, with family, and with friends. the team at grandio comments: ‘it is on this concept that our interest is born to be able to develop a unique, different project that combines a set of ideas with great potential, fused in design, construction and marketing.’

hüga grandio
images by gonzalo viramonte | @gonzaloviramonte



the design team at grandio designs its prefabricated concrete dwelling ‘hüga’ to be installed on-site in just one day. serving as a domestic machine which transforms its occupant’s way of living, hüga is the result of twenty-four months of work by the multidisciplinary team of professionals from córdoba. compact and flexible, the structure can be sited anywhere its occupant might dream to live. hüga is an intelligent home which can be expanded or reduced, seeking to follow its owner throughout all stages and projects of his life.

hüga grandio



designing the ‘structural shell’ of hüga, the team at grandio develops a system of lightweight polymer molds which allow for a rapid off-site construction. once the shell of reinforced concrete is finished, the interior built to achieve the greatest comfort with the lowest energy consumption. the completed, lightweight house is finally transported by truck and delivered to its final destination.

hüga grandiohüga grandio hüga grandio hüga grandio hüga grandio hüga grandio hüga grandio


hüga grandio hüga grandio hüga grandio




project info:


project title: hüga

architecture: grandio

location: córdoba, argentina

design team: magdalena vázquez, verónica gordillo, soledad gordillo, lucas font, mariela handel

industrial designer: josefina ferrer

mechanical engineer: lucas sesma

industrial engineer: francisco ruiz

civil engineer students: matías mascheroni, natalia molina, bautista ruiz, ignacio gómez

photography: gonzalo viramonte | @gonzaloviramonte

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