conceived for the chicago architecture biennial, the lakefront kiosk by toshiki hirano seeks to provide an intimate enclosure which simultaneously facilitates recreational activities and provides protection from the sun. the structure assumes its dynamic shape by employing bundled tubes that brace one another and extend in various seemingly random directions. the variability in the kiosk’s form results in complex shadowing and an inviting space. the designer’s foresee the kiosk hosting cultural programs during the biennial in multiple locations due to the mobility provided by its wheeled chassis.

toshikik hirano design hujitsube designboom2
the stairs provide easy access while offering patrons a comfortable space for sitting

toshikik hirano design hujitsube designboom3
by adopting a light color palette, the kiosk will fit seamlessly into a range of environments

toshikik hirano design hujitsube designboom4

at night the elevated space offers the optimal location for DJs to spin

toshikik hirano design hujitsube designboom5 
during the day, skylights will illuminate the space with natural light

toshikik hirano design hujitsube designboom1
constructed on a wheeled pedestal, the kiosk will achieve can easily be towed into position

toshikik hirano design hujitsube designboom9
the technical diagram reveals the complexity of the structure and the thought given to each design element

toshikik hirano design hujitsube designboom8
profile and front view reveal what the kiosk will look like while being towed

toshikik hirano design hujitsube designboom7
by assembling the structure from prefabricated components, the booth can achieve a higher degree of complexity


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edited by: trevor reed | designboom