hypothesis converts tractor warehouse into plant-filled restaurant in bangkok
all images by pakkawat paisitthawee




this interior renovation in bangkok saw a previous tractor warehouse converted into the ‘vivarium restaurant’ in bangkok. designed by thai multidisciplinary design agency- hypothesis, the strategy they adopted led to the creation of a meaningful dialogue between the old and new elements within the warehouse setting. the character of the building has been kept intact, with majority of the interior left unchanged. using color, the old parts of the scheme were kept in their original white finish, while the new additions were painted with a rust red tone.

a scaffolding system occupies the interior, forming shelving for the decoration




an industrial essence has been accentuated by the use of scaffolding structures which form the shelving for the plants used to cultivate the lush green setting. simultaneously the floor-to-ceiling shelf system acts as partitioning; the tables and seating have been arranged beneath the floating plants. conceived with a small budget, the interior space has been transformed into a spacious and inviting setting which demonstrates the technique of adaptive reuse as a strategy to preserve the project’s contextual history.

vivarium-restaurant-hypothesis-bangkok-designboom-02the new additions to the interior framework were painted with red rust protection primer

vivarium-restaurant-hypothesis-bangkok-designboom-02the designers have created a warm and inviting dining space

vivarium-restaurant-hypothesis-bangkok-designboom-02the design team thought of a terrarium as a concept for the interior

vivarium-restaurant-hypothesis-bangkok-designboom-02majority of the existing structure was kept unchanged

vivarium-restaurant-hypothesis-bangkok-designboom-02to minimize the renovation budget, hypothesis employed found objects from around the site

vivarium-restaurant-hypothesis-bangkok-designboom-02iron doors, steel pipes, dead branches, and tree roots decorate the interior

vivarium-restaurant-hypothesis-bangkok-designboom-02a lush green-scape of hanging plants populates the upper volume of the double height space

vivarium-restaurant-hypothesis-bangkok-designboom-02the external façade of the restaurant in bangkok

vivarium-restaurant-hypothesis-bangkok-designboom-02vivarium restaurant