‘1,300 recycling pavilion’: a translucent, temporary installation


set in dae-gu, south korea, the ‘1,300 recycling pavilion’ by hyunje joo_baukunst is a temporary installation created for this year’s suseong light art festival competition. as the name suggests, the architect repurposed 1,300 semi-transparent baskets into all-white and translucent structure that softens the inside and outside boundaries. this final composition thus allows light, shadows and silhouettes to filter out beyond the pavilion. ultimately, ‘the passage of time is more actively sensed from both inside and outside, as these light effects stimulate our senses,’ explains the architect.

1300 recycled pavilion
all images courtesy of hyunje joo_baukunst



rethinking the meaning of everyday objects and materials


winner of the suseong light art festival competition, the pavilion capitalizes on one concept: becoming more conscientious about using the materials surrounding us. in other words, architect hyunje joo’s temporary installation provides a new perspective on the everyday. he argues: it’s not necessarily about the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways of using objects, but rather about highlighting their affordances and meanings. small but attractive and functional temporary structures like the ‘1,300 recycling pavilion’ reveal the potential of architecture to adapt to environmental needs. joo intends to reuse the individual 1,300 baskets upon dismantling the installation, which will be on display until january 2022. 1300 recycled pavilion 4



when evening time sets, the pavilion transforms into a multicolored structure thanks to a dynamic lighting feature installed within. second by second, the colors gradually change to cover the entire chromatic spectrum — offering a sensory experience that further elevates the pavilion’s translucent character. 1300 recycled pavilion 6

1300 recycled pavilion 1

hyunje joo repurposes 1,300 baskets to shape temporary pavilion in south korea

hyunje joo repurposes 1,300 baskets to shape temporary pavilion in south korea

hyunje joo repurposes 1,300 baskets to shape temporary pavilion in south korea



project info:


name: 1,300 recycling pavilion
typology: temporary pavilion
location: daegu, korea
client: suseong cultural foundation
architecture: hyunje joo_baukunst
program: suseong light art festival competition
status: winner

date: 12.2021 – 01.2022
size: 10 x 6 x 2.9 m 



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edited by: lea zeitoun | designboom