the ‘rock & roll hall of fame’ has announced that practice for architecture and urbanism (PAU) with james corner field operations have won a competition to expand its famous museum in downtown cleveland, ohio. originally designed by I.M. pei, the institution documents the history of rock music and the artists, producers, engineers, and other notable figures who have influenced its development.

I.M. pei's rock & roll hall of fame to undergo major expansion in cleveland
a performance on the plaza



the rock & roll hall of fame kicked off a process last year for a dramatic museum redesign that would bolster its library, provide new or enhanced experiences, and modernize its infrastructure by adding to its existing 150,000 square feet (13,935 sqm). the plans include an additional 10,000 square feet (929 sqm) for large-scale traveling exhibits, open space for event and education programming, and on-site archives for visitors to access the unique collection.

I.M. pei's rock & roll hall of fame to undergo major expansion in cleveland
site plan



other facilities will include the creation of a museum campus with the neighboring science center, a lakefront gathering place for cleveland residents and museum visitors, and event spaces for indoor performances, community gatherings and private rentals. while the design concept will continue to evolve, the plans represent the space and function needed to support the museum’s growth in all aspects of the mission.

I.M. pei's rock & roll hall of fame to undergo major expansion in cleveland
aerial sketch



‘rock and roll — like NASA and pizza –brings us together like few other cultural phenomena at this moment when our nation needs to come together,’ says vishaan chakrabarti, founder and creative director of PAU. ‘we are beyond ecstatic to have been selected by the rock hall to design the expansion of I.M.pei’s heart of glass, which sits aglow upon cleveland’s storied industrial waterfront, particularly in light of the architectural luminaries against whom we had the honor of competing. this is PAU’s stairway to heaven.’ the team will develop schematic designs throughout 2021 with construction set to launch in early 2022.



project info:


name: rock & roll hall of fame expansion
location: cleveland, ohio
client: rock & roll hall of fame
design team: practice for architecture and urbanism (PAU)
, james corner field operations, cooper robertson, and l’observatoire international
architect of record: robert madison int’l/DLR