IAAC students propose solution to food and energy production with this solar greenhouse

IAAC students propose solution to food and energy production with this solar greenhouse

a greenhouse to generate solar energy


the natural park of collserola, on the outskirts of barcelona, is the setting for the solar greenhouse project, carried out by a team of students, professionals, and experts of the ‘masters programme in advanced ecological buildings and biocities’ (MAEBB) of the ‘institute for advanced architecture of catalonia’ (IAAC) valldaura labs.


the greenhouse is designed for the generation of energy and the self-sufficient cultivation of food and represents the next step towards a more ecological agricultural transformation and progress in tackling food and energy poverty. the aim was to design and build a system that could be replicated in both rural and urban areas.

solar greenhouse IAACimages by adrià goula



a solution by IAAC to food and energy production


the solar greenhouse prototype is the result of the investigation by students of IAAC (see more here) into new ways of adapting to modern life and withstanding future food and energy crises and reinterpret the way we meet our most basic social needs in a more ecological way. the project proposes a space for self-sufficient cultivation as a solution to food and energy production in cities and makes further progress towards the zero-emission city model as proposed by the EU by 2050.


the result is an advanced greenhouse that uses solar energy, sustainable materials, and advanced cultivation technology that can be implemented in the countryside or urban rooftops, making an effective contribution to food self-sufficiency.

solar greenhouse IAAC

solar greenhouse IAAC solar greenhouse IAAC


solar greenhouse IAAC




project info:


project title: solar greenhouse prototype

architecture: here

location: barcelona, spain

project management: ignacio reyes solis

developed by MAEBB 2020/21 students: bartłomiej najman, dafni vakalopoulou, rebecca baierwick, ignacio reyes solis, paulina sevilla, yangchuan tian, fatemeh nejatii, marilia sofia fernández lockwood, amrithavarshini prabhuram, kevin xi lim, akshay sunil mhamunkar, mona el batrik, engjëll rodiqi, philipp wienkämper, christa hörburger

photography: adrià goula


manufacturers: cricursa, tallfusta, aluminios ada, luz negra, onyx
sponsors: cricursa, luz negra, tallfusta
advice: miguel urrestarazu, oscar rodriguez, daniel podmirseg, oscar aceves, javier garcía-german, miquel rodriguez, jochen scheerer, elena orte, guillermo sevillano, ignasi caus
assistants: bruno ganem, marc garcia, gustavo escudero
volunteer: diego díaz
direction: vicente guallart, daniel ibañez
host: laboratorios valldaura — IAAC
fence management: laia pifarré

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