inarc seamlessly blends courtyard house with golf course landscape
all images courtesy of inarc




nestled behind a wall of cypress trees, this contemporary home in australia by inarc features a neat rectilinear plan which has effectively divided its site into equal parts of house and garden. situated on the edge of a coastal golf course, the single-storey holiday home uses an understated and neutral material palette to bring out the detailing and straight lines of the structure.

the sequence of interior spaces look out towards the landscaped courtyard




the residence wraps around a courtyard where the neatly paneled decking mimics the façade clad in silver stained blackbutt timber. the journey through the home unfolds as a disciplined sequence, with passageways facing out towards the greenery and unfolding living spaces flooded with natural light. a single living, dining/kitchen space, 2 bedrooms, a sitting room and a double garage make up the main areas which display a use of grey cement render, steel and oak floor boards.

inarc-links-courtyard-house-designboom-02a slight overhang of the structure provides shelter for underneath

inarc-links-courtyard-house-designboom-02the low-lying home has been designed to merge with its surroundings

inarc-links-courtyard-house-designboom-02a sequence of courtyards and water features connect the inside from the outside

inarc-links-courtyard-house-designboom-02an understated material palette was used throughout

inarc-links-courtyard-house-designboom-02created as a holiday home, the owners can step out onto the golf course

inarc-links-courtyard-house-designboom-02oak flooring and ceilings give the interiors warmth

inarc-links-courtyard-house-designboom-02one of the bathrooms

inarc-links-courtyard-house-designboom-02bespoke detailing


inarc-links-courtyard-house-designboom-02the home sits by a golf course in southern australia