inoue yoshimura studio (IYs) has designed this house located in yokohama, kanagawa prefecture, japan, with a plan shaped like a tetris piece. situated on a site surrounded by three roads, the residence is developed with a comfortable interior that prioritizes privacy and openness. its plan allows it to face neighboring houses diagonally, shifting the line of sight to create a space that is both open and private at the same time.inoue yoshimura studio designs japanese house with plan shaped like a tetris pieceall images by seiji watanabe



inoue yoshimura studio (IYs) has developed the house as three consecutive volumes that become gradually smaller in order to make the most out of the irregular shape of its site. by shifting the direction of its plan diagonally, the two-story building benefits from plenty of natural light and wind while ensuring enough privacy for its residents. a large, slanted roof tops the entire house, creating the feeling of a generous living space inside.exterior view of the house by inoue yoshimura studio



under the large slanted roof, the interior of the house offers a comfortable space filled with light and natural wind. wide windows and glass doors transform the ground level into a semi-outdoor space, which feels even larger thanks to the double-height zone that marks the heart of the project. wooden floors, beams, and pieces of furniture add warmth to the serene, white-hued rooms of the house.

the main living area of the house view of the dining and kitchen areas view of the dining area from above wooden floors and beams add warmth to the interior night view of the building exterior night view of the house floor plan shaped like a tetris piece





project info:



architect: inoue yoshimura studio (IYs)

location: yokohama, kanagawa, japan

size: 129 sqm