situated within the narrow streets of barcelona, insayn design society has completed the renovation of an old 49 m2 apartment. the flat was re-designed according to the personal preferences of the client: a ‘young, cool girl‘ eager to have her own living space that responds to her needs and reflects her personality. 

capuccino flat 1

black and geometric kitchen with colored details
all images courtesy of insayn design society



the flat that was refurbished by insayn design society had a very limited distribution with 3 small bedrooms, one kitchen, a living room and a bathroom. the living room area was located just in front of the entrance, while the bathroom was accessible through one of the other rooms of the house. the client’s main requirement was to have as much natural light as possible and to keep the old ceramic typical spanish floor that she loves. in order to reflect and transmit everything the client was looking for, the designers started with a basic concept to create amplitude and perspective within the whole space.

capuccino flat 2
one unique room – three different spaces: kitchen, living room and dinning room, letting in the natural light in every part of the flat



on the one hand, the project is characterized by amplitude, generating open and unified spaces, and on the other hand, there is perspective, allowing a complete view of the whole space from any point of the inerior. some of the main elemets of this refurbishment are the bright colors and the endless geometry and colors. the designers played with the color palette, creating contrasts, and incorporating geometry that matches each space. all the rooms and areas have a specific personality, filled up with ‘insayn’ energy and reflect the youth in the space. as in every project, there are some ‘insayn’ DIY elements that the architects always like to incorporate.

capuccino flat 3
almost every wall was removed, allowing natural light to enter into the flat and give amplitude


capuccino flat 4
limiting spaces by the use of colors, rather than physical separations


capuccino flat 5
geometry and colors are the main characters of the project, and also an insayn signature


capuccino flat 6
a round blue box that hides a geometric and colorful bathroom


capuccino flat 7
different room, different textures: each space has its own character but a common harmony


capuccino flat 8
the blue curtains form a partition within the bedroom area




project info:


name: capuccino flat

architecture office: insayn design society

designer: michelle lopez & célia antunez




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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom