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continuing on with our new series of questionnaire posed to editors-in chief of the world’s most beautiful print publications, we talked to chantal hamadide of the french ‘intramuros‘ magazine on topics that range from conceptualization to printing to digital print publications. this october, intramuros will celebrate its silver anniversary (25th) of covering international design news and trends. read on for more about the inner workings of the publication!

designboom: what are some key difference between intramuros and other design magazines?

chantal hamaide, editor-in-chief intramuros : intramuros is an independent french design magazine with a distinct, french view on design. we work with loyal contributors, journalists, photographers, and graphic designers. one of the key differences that sets intramuros apart from other design magazines is our covers. we were the first design magazine to dedicate the cover page to the designers themselves. for 25 years, intramuros has accumulated a portrait gallery of almost 150 designers.

as for content, we always try to search for and share new talent with our readers in all sectors of design–furniture, objects, new technology, fashion, cars, architecture, and so on… by anticipating the new market trends, intramuros also evaluates the economic and creative impact of design on the industry. we also strive to have a social view on design.

intramuros questionnaire: editor in chief chantal hamaide ron arad feature intramuros no. 139

db: how do you know who your readers are and what they would like to see in each issue of intramuros? how is each issue put together, thematically? how much advance preparation time is required to conduct this?

intramuros: we sometimes conduct surveys with our readers, but the most effective way is to meet our readers at fairs and conferences that we organize. our website and other social networks have been helpful in keeping in touch with our readership. I think we have to surprise them, try to give them something new each time. we choose our content around the designer we feature on the cover, the design fairs, events, etc. we try to find a link between each headings of our issue.

preparation time for each magazine is around two months. we anticipate and plan for almost a year in advance of some design fairs… but we are also very reactive, as we are a very small team. we can change the content whenever we want. it is our freedom.

intramuros questionnaire: editor in chief chantal hamaide early covers of intramuros (left to right) no.7, no.24, no.14

db: how do you ensure that your content is always fresh?

intramuros: we cover international news and trends, we write up reports of design fairs from all around the world, we feature a selection of products that we’ve scouted. our specialty is not to just announce our finds, but to analyze it. we offer design from an economical, cultural, and educational perspective. this approach ensures that, even if you read an issue a year after its publication, it’ll still read like fresh news.

intramuros questionnaire: editor in chief chantal hamaide michael young feature intramuros no.141

db: being a design magazine, the aesthetics of the publication–from font to layout, kerning to cover–is very important. what style would you say intramuros is? how has it evolved in the last 25 years?

intramuros: for one, we passed from black and white to colour during the 90s! the size of our issues have also undergone a change, from bigger to smaller. the layout of our magazine has always been a priority for us. intramuros strives to be timeless–no cheap effects. our aesthetic is very minimalist, and we only work with good photographers. last year, we asked award-winning design collective H5 to redo our graphic identity.

intramuros questionnaire: editor in chief chantal hamaide intramuros no. 145 ‘intramuros was the first design magazine to dedicate the cover page to the designers themselves.’

intramuros questionnaire: editor in chief chantal hamaide jasper morrison feature

db: many magazines these days are making the transition from print to online. what kind of measures (from publishing strategies to content) are you taking to keep intramuros relevant and competitive?

intramuros: of course we had to go online and give our readers more outlets and services. we share content on our website that we end up not including in our magazine, because of timing. they have to be complementary. intramuros is first a print magazine so the website is only there to supplement our publication. we are not yet totally virtual but the only thing needed to remain relevant and competitive is simply good content and easy access for our readers.

intramuros questionnaire: editor in chief chantal hamaide enzo mari and gabriele pezzini, intramuros no.146

db: how did intramuros start? what is the future of intramuros?

intramuros: intramuros was created in september 1985 by myself and art director thierry houplain. for seven years, it was edited by ‘the moniteur‘ but we became independent in 1994. we are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year with a special anniversary issue no.150 (september/october). we will also print a book, ‘intramuros, 25 years of design, 150 portraits’, a collection of about 1000 pages of interviews, photographs, and covers we’ve published from 1985.

not only is intramuros an internationally well-known magazine, it is also a trade. we would like to develop it through new activities and apply our knowledge of design for new things.

intramuros questionnaire: editor in chief chantal hamaide intramuros editor-in-chief, chantal hamaide