located in the south east of the town of collecchio within parma, italy, iotti + pavarani architetti has introduced the new headquarters for ‘a due’ – a company specialised in the design and construction of complete systems for beverage preparation. situated only a few kilometres away from the site of the old company premises, the new spacious ‘garden factory’ houses offices, laboratories and a production division. 

a new workplace landscape 1

entrance hall courtyard
all images by fernando guerra 



iotti + pavarani architetti aimed to redefine the workplace environment, creating a comfortable, efficient space, capable of promoting a solidarity spirit among the work-force. the new building is created connected to the natural elements of the surrounding countryside. situated on a plain between the local ‘baganza’ stream, and the ‘carrega’ woods, at the head of a agro-food businesses district, the headquarters establishes a clear and abstract border within the area. it is arranged in a sequence of buildings interspersed with longitudinal green courtyards with a long thin embankment, used to ‘hide’ the single floor of the entrance hall.


a new workplace landscape 2
aerial view



the internal routes of the building are designed to ensure functionality and transparency between different contexts, giving all employees an awareness of the ongoing site processes and activities. from the main entrance hall, it is already possible to traverse the whole building visually, with a view of the production area through a large glass door. the ground floor of the office block houses the technical design sector and after-sales assistance, arranged in an open plan environment with a number of offices, the printing area and the meeting rooms. the first floor, connected by an open stairway characterised by brighter colours to emphasise the connections between the different spaces, includes the management offices, a private area for the reception of visitors and the commercial and administrative offices.

a new workplace landscape 3
the industrial building in a widening dialogue with the natural landscape



the two-story office block is perceived as a suspended and overhanging white volume, resting on a darker and heavier base rooting the building to the ground. this volume is marked by a system of openings arranged according to the organisation of the internal spaces, while the wall-covering in white metal sheeting, press-folded to design, generates an impression of micro-folds with ever-shifting reactions to light and atmospheric conditions. on the east, the white volume of the building is transformed into a thin horizontal line for the whole length of the eastern side, flanked by the production building, identifying the new headquarters as a discreet landmark, merging and connecting with the surrounding cultivated plain. the construction translates into a landscape of its own which does not hide its industrial character but is nonetheless able to achieve a more refined and evocative image of a ‘technical building’.

a new workplace landscape 4
main facade


a new workplace landscape 5


a new workplace landscape 6


a new workplace landscape 7
the embankment facing via filagni


a new workplace landscape 8
the stairway space


a new workplace landscape 9
entrance hall


a new workplace landscape 10


a new workplace landscape 11




project info:


name: new a due headquarters

architecture office: iotti + pavarani architetti

lead architects: paolo iotti, marco pavarani

location: via filagni, collecchio, parma, italy

collaborators: roberto bertani, gabriele brunettini, giulia piacenti consultants

structural engineering: lauro sacchetti associati, ing.dimitrios mutussis

mechanical and fire systems: termoprogetti snc

electrical systems: progetec srl

supervisor: alberto dilda




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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom