architectural visualization artist iryna nalyvaiko imagines a delicate glass intervention to an imagined jungle landscape. entitled ‘welcome to the jungle,’ the work proposes an elevated pathway which meanders through the dense foliage, minimizing its physical impact on the ground below. the footbridge seeks to maintain a sensitive relationship with its natural surroundings while highlighting and drawing attention to its importance and resources. the designer comments: ‘making nature more accessible will make people appreciate it to a greater extent.’

iryna nalyvaiko jungle
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iryna nalyvaiko‘s ‘welcome to the jungle’ footbridge is designed without a specified localization, but is intended to adapt to an otherwise untouched nature. the proposed glass pathway seeks to continue an architectural precedent of celebrating nature rather than destroying it, drawing humans and nature closer together through contemporary technologies. much like the meandering pathways of ancient chinese gardens, the snaking trajectory forces a panoramic perspective of the surrounding jungle.

iryna nalyvaiko jungle



with its disorienting trajectory, iryna nalyvaiko envisions the elevated glass footbridge to wind among the jungle canopy. the minimal supporting structure opens up the space below, leaving the forest uninterrupted, a steady landscape. foliage is allowed to grows throughout the structure, continuing to subtly transform the visitor’s experience over time. ‘welcome to the jungle’ offers an intimate relationship with the forest, generating views that continually shift with the sweeping route. the designer continues: ‘the 21st century gives us the possibility to rethink the combination of technology and nature into new experiences and identities. unlike in the past, nowadays humankind is able to enhance nature using technology, instead of exploiting it, and this project attempts to demonstrate one of multiple ways this can be done.’

iryna nalyvaiko jungle iryna nalyvaiko jungle iryna nalyvaiko jungle iryna nalyvaiko jungle iryna nalyvaiko jungle



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project title: welcome to the jungle

concept, architectural visualization: iryna nalyvaiko | @irena.jpg