isern serra designs andres reisinger's studio as a creative oasis in barcelona

isern serra designs andres reisinger's studio as a creative oasis in barcelona

an elegant intervention within an industrial structure


Following the completion of his physical workspace for digital artist six n. five (see here), interior designer Isern Serra unveils his latest studio space designed for yet another renowned artist, Andrés Reisinger. The intervention and renovation project spotlights and riffs on the architecture of the existing Barcelona building.


The designer describes the space as ‘a raw space where the concrete structure is exposed in its crudest state.’ Celebrating this existing structure and its crude found condition, the project introduces elegant and sophisticated  elements as an harmonious balance. These include a sculptural spiral stair crafted of stainless steel, along with a minimalistic kitchen space and its elongated stone tabletop. These new elements — inspired by the digital world of Andres Reisinger — are included to ‘evoke a surreal, dreamlike, and sculptural space.’

isern serra designs andres reisinger's studio as a creative oasis in barcelonaimages © Salva Lopez@salvalopez



isern serra builds a physical studio for a digital artist


Isern Serra’s studio for Andrés Reisinger transforms the ground floor of a disused building into a multifunctional workspace. The newly transformed interiors introduce a work area, kitchen and dining room, terrace, and private office for the artist and his team. Upon entering from the streets of Barcelona’s neighborhood of Poblenou, the studio opens into a lofty, double-height space.


The interior designer elaborates on the design and build process: ‘The first decision was to demolish half of the second floor. Transforming the existing volume composed of two floors with low ceilings to a large open space with a mezzanine in the middle. Allowing the mezzanine to stand out as an architectural element and letting in more natural light.’

isern serra reisinger



a monochromatic world for andrés reisinger


Curating the materiality of the walls and floor of the Reisinger studio space, Isern Serra aimed to match the raw tones and textures of the existing concrete. Thus, the walls are finished with a paste-like, quartz-based paint which creates an irregular and artisanal quality, velvety soft to the touch yet visually evocative of the raw concrete. The result washes the interiors with a gray-beige tone, matching the structure and the concrete roof, creating a monochromatic world.

isern serra reisinger



the visual centerpiece in reisinger pink


Projecting through the center of the studio is a large central concrete table attached to a structural pillar. ‘We wanted to design a table that would continue throughout the space. A table that will function as a workspace and dining room,’ explains the designer. ‘As we wanted to keep the table at the same level and emphasize the continuity of the space, we decided to raise the floor of the work area, which in turn helps us to pass the cables to the rack and reinforces the limits of use from the architecture.’


The table’s wash of pink renders it a visual centerpiece within the otherwise monochromatic space. ‘Avoiding curves or ornamental elements, we decided to use straight lines and geometric shapes to reflect the rest of the architecture,’ continues Isern Serra. ‘An element that was made on-site, with a color that is often used in his work and identifies his studio.’

isern serra reisinger
the double-height studio opens onto a garden terrace

isern serra reisingerthe sculptural spiral stair is crafted of stainless steel


contemporary elements harmonize with the industrial space

isern serra reisingerthe studio is divided between two levels, with both shared workspaces and a private office


with a neutral palette throughout, warm wood is introduced along the upper level

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