seaside 'fiskebar' restaurant opens in barcelona with interiors by isern serra

seaside 'fiskebar' restaurant opens in barcelona with interiors by isern serra

a maritime restaurant opens in barcelona


Interior designer Isern Serra unveils the newly completed interiors for Barcelona‘s Fiskebar restaurant at Real Club Marítimo. The place can be discovered amongst the fishermen’s bars speckled along the iconic Mediterranean port, its interiors and menu a celebration of its seaside context. Thus, the restaurant showcases a cold bar at its center with a display of daily fresh catches, bringing the atmosphere of the coastal Spanish city and its nautical port directly into the space.

fiskebar barcelonaimages © Salva Lopez@salvalopez



Isern serra’s raw and authentic materiality


Curating and crafting the Fiskebar interiors, Barcelona-based Isern Serra expresses a materiality which is raw and authentic, its beauty enhanced by craftsmanship. ‘Minimalism, with the warmth of objects from nature,’ says the interior designer. ‘Authenticity generated from design and craftsmen. Tailor-made elements such as the furniture, the main bar in ivory cream marble and the elements of work such as the central bar and the benches.’


Thus, only a few simple materials are employed. Their rough textures and raw surfaces are allowed to shine amongst the inherent visual complexity of the restaurant interior.

fiskebar barcelona



craftsmanship and imperfection at fiskebar


At the center of Barcelona Fiskebar’s light-filled main room, Isern Serra spotlights a marble bar, built with three rough-cut blocks of stone to evoke ‘craftsmanship and imperfection.’ This bar is fronted by a lounge area with low sofas and small tables, with the open-plan dining area beyond backdropped by a forest quays and docked sailboats.


The space seeks to generate a monochromatic and warm atmosphere to highlight a single painting, its landscape,’ the designer elaborates.To achieve this, we completely undressed the rooms, leaving the structure visible and leaving them as open-plan rooms.

fiskebar barcelona
the bar is fronted by a lounge area with low sofas and small tables



The space is inspired by the fiskeskur, Danish for fishermen’s hut,’ Isern Serra explains, illustrating the atmosphere of the Fiskebar restaurant.These are elevated constructions by the sea where fish and the sea breeze are the protagonists. Fiskebar opens up to the sea and blends in with the landscape and the boats.


In the restaurant you can enjoy the relaxed maritime atmosphere by the jetty, next to the water, with grilled fish, oysters and a glass of wine in a warm atmosphere..

fiskebar barcelona
the dining space is backdropped by the docked sailboats of Barcelonafiskebar barcelonaIsern Serra employs a simple palette with neutral colors and few materials


the central bar is built of three large blocks of rough-cut marble

seaside 'fiskebar' restaurant opens in barcelona with interiors by isern serrathe designer notes the interiors’ Nordic influence


a cold bar showcases daily fresh catches in the center of the restaurant



project info:


project title: Fiskebar

interior design: Isern Serra @isernserra

location: Barcelona, Spain

client: Grupo Tragaluz

team leader: 
Anna Mandri

construction: Tegola Rosso SL
client: Grupo Tragaluz

completion: 2022

photography: © Salva Lopez@salvalopez

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