in cimahi, indonesia, ismail solehudin architecture has designed a two-story house populated by green spaces and natural light. articulated by the fusion of masses and materials, the design takes inspiration from the client’s experience of living in a dense urban village – known as a ‘kampoong’ in indonesian. 

kampoong in house 8

images by mario wibowo



the architect began by translating the feeling of a traditional kampoong into the design of a contemporary home. the resulting building is fragmented into different masses that help blur the line between inside and outside. each volume is separated by lightwells and green spaces, which improve the indoor environment and allow for air to pass through the house. this composition also encourages interaction between rooms, just like in an urban kampoong. 

kampoong in house 9



from the front elevation, the house reflects the kampoong concept through its apparently haphazard fusion of textures and green planters. from the entrance path, you can even see an outdoor living space, which is shielded by a large planter and overhang above. green planters also populate the façade, giving life to the architecture and giving the residents inside an increased sense of privacy from the street. 

kampoong in house 11



inside, the lush greenery continues into spaces that make you feel like you could still be outside. the client wanted a big backyard for family activities, which the architect has actualized by a green area that is framed by the main living space.

kampoong in house 12



for the materials, PVC has been specified for the façade as it’s suitable for both the sun and the rain. in addition to the PVC, the architect has used exposed bricks for the elevations, which are arranged to allow gaps for air circulation in response to the tropical indonesian climate.

kampoong in house 6

kampoong in house 7

kampoong in house 10

kampoong in house 1

kampoong in house 3

kampoong in house 4

kampoong in house 5



project info:


project name: kampoong in house

location: cimahi, indonesia

architect: ismail solehudin architecture

photography: mario wibowo


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edited by: lynne myers | designboom