iyiofis floats specialized dock modules for think micro
photo © f. aydin uluer
all images courtesy of iyiofis




in developing countries such as turkey, a majority of design and planning decisions are made through top-down directives, primarily attempting to leverage political campaigns. ‘these choices lead to ostentatious ‘mega’ projects that are usually impossibly big to be designed well. we believe in working at the opposite end of the spectrum: thinking in small scale and making local decisions,’ says iyiofis. adopting this principle, the istanbul-based studio has developed a project that commences with the thesis: ‘micro manifesto for micro urbanism: think micro.’


video courtesy of iyiofis




through workshops conducted with izmir university of economics architecture students, the studio identified various ways, means and durations of use, as well as materials utilized throughout the coast of izmir (focusing on a section from göztepe to kordon). the studies produced proposals suggesting a variety of uses with great potential that are usually overlooked in at larger proportions.

iyiofis think micro specialized dock modules turkey
students enjoying the prototype 




the chosen work aims to introduce a variety of uses to the shoreline by creating specialized dock-modules floating on the water. these units extending into the sea suggest an organically developing, physical relationship with the ocean, challenging the conventional and rather monotonous relationship with the urban coastlines of the country.

iyiofis think micro specialized dock modules turkey
kids enjoying the feet dipping module




the multi-functional construct is an easily assembled, lightweight, and cheap alternative for design and production of public space. each of the constituent platforms measure 4m² and can be extended or added to one another. during september 2014, the first prototype of 32m2 has been opened to use near the school and have been heavily used. following this test, it is exhibited in the 2014 istanbul design biennial. the docks have represented izmir among 36 other cities around the world in the ‘2014 world cities challenge’ organized by UN-habitat and the guardian and has been awarded the second prize.

iyiofis think micro specialized dock modules turkey
possible growth scenario

iyiofis think micro specialized dock modules turkey
programmatic diagram

a single module

joinery details


modules in the biennial venue
photo © ali güler

iyiofis think micro specialized dock modules turkey
looking at the water from the dock
photo © gudjon thor erlendsson

iyiofis think micro specialized dock modules turkey
a view from izmir shoreline 

iyiofis think micro specialized dock modules turkey




project info:

name: micro manifesto for micro urbanism: think micro
location: turkey
year: 2014
architects: iyiofis
project team: elif ensari, can sucuoğlu, gudjon thor erlendsson, ertunç hünkar
project assistants: aycan terzioğlu, mehmet sadık aksu, gözde damla turan, buket oztürk, gamze sahin, bengisu ozpirinççi



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