izmir EXPO 2020 architect is zaha hadid



the türkish izmir is a city 8,500 years old that has been home to 36 different civilizations, with a very diverse cultural and historical heritage. it has a rich history of providing forward-thinking luminaries in healthcare.

the asklepion, one of the world’s oldest health centers, founded in the legendary city of pergamon (today’s bergama) and dedicated to asklepios, god of medicine. also galen, the father of modern pharmacology, 100 of whose prescriptions have come down to our day, was born and raised here. visitors can find an inscription at the entrance of the city, laid in stone back in the fourth century B.C.E., that says ‘death cannot enter here!’.the story of health, which began some 2,400 years ago in and around the town is moving forward now toward a new goal: EXPO 2020. it’s theme will be: ‘health for all’.


izmir has designated a 276-hectare area at inciraltı as the fairgrounds. one of europe’s largest urban recreational areas will be built here and an oasis created to serve the residents when the EXPO is over.next november, delegates from around the world will vote in paris at the bureau international des expositions (BIE) general assembly to decide where the 2020 EXPO will be and anglo-iraqi architect zaha hadid will be making the presentation in person. she has designed a breathtaking lagoon setting in which the sky, sea and land come together to enhance the local environment and to ensure that the EXPO leaves izmir and the sea around the site cleaner than before.




izmir EXPO 2020 architect is zaha hadid


five official bidders make a final push to win EXPO 2020 bid: izmir (turkey), dubai (UAE), sao paulo (brazil), ayutthaya (thailand) and yekaterinburg (russia). izmir previously bid to host EXPO 2015 and narrowly lost to milan. if dubai or izmir win, it will be the first middle eastern expo. izmir was selected over ankara by turkey’s federal government.