j. mayer h. architects rise hospital grounds in dusseldorf
all images courtesy of j. mayer h. architects




berlin-based studio, j. mayer h. architects, has begun constructing a 14-story building, standing tall over the city of düsseldorf and the rhine river. the ‘rkm 740′ tower takes its form as a continuation of the neighboring water’s left bank. the aquatic theme of the structure is furthered as the reflective façade lends light with cloud-shaped horizontal wave-like patterning. furthermore, the semi-transparent outer layer acts as a gown over the building with perforated exposures directing views inside and out while providing protection from the sun and wind. as the former site was also a hospital, the grounds will continue to encourage retail spaces for medical goods and various doctors’ offices. surrounding open spaces in combination with new plantings on terraces, provide a natural atmosphere and microclimate.


detail of ‘rkm 740’ tower




from the base of the medical complex, the high-rise gradually climbs to include residential dwellings. spaces with most use in the daytime are oriented toward the south, east, and west, while subordinate spaces like kitchens and bathrooms face north. j. mayer. h architects plan to complete ‘rkm 740′ by 2017.


aerial rendering of the complex


j. mayer h. architects raises hospital grounds in dusseldorf



 ‘rkm 740’ first floor terrace plan



floor plan 1:500



southeast plan 1:500





project info:


project team: andre santer, dr. paul angelier, marta ramirez iglesias, max margorskyi
location: düsseldorf heerdt, germany
client: rheinblick düsseldorf gmbh
function: medical services and residential building (bgf)
total floor area: aprox. 26.000 sqm
number of floors: 19
 height of the building: aprox. 70 m
structure: concrete structure
principal exterior: aluminium elements

principal interior material: concrete and plasterboard, water based cooling system inside the concrete, no air-conditioning needed

project: 2013 – 2017

completion: 2017
architect on site: höhler + partner, aachen, germany
landscape architects: rmp stephan lenzen landschaftsarchitekten, bonn, germany
invited competition 2012, 1st prize