j. mayer h. unveils winning design of water-inspired 'cheongdam tower' for seoul

j. mayer h. unveils winning design of water-inspired 'cheongdam tower' for seoul

a Tower Inspired by Water


J. Mayer H. Architecture has been chosen for its design of the Cheongdam Tower in Seoul, South Korea — a winning proposal envisioned as part of the Seoul City Urban/Architecture Creation/Innovation Design Project contest. The team links its architecture to ‘clear water,’ symbolizing ‘purity and a natural living environment,’ a theme which is central to the design. Water, they explain, represents the organic flow of life and serves as the foundation for growth and culture. Sustainability is a key focus, with the undulating, organic skyscraper incorporating water features and lush greening throughout.

J. Mayer H. cheongdamJ. Mayer H. Architecture wins a design competition for Cheongdam Tower in Seoul | images © J. Mayer H.



a ‘green oasis’ for seoul


This theme of ‘clear water’ is reflected in the Cheongdam Tower’s form, as J. Mayer H. Architecture defines the building by flowing lines and organic curves, with green terraces cascading down its exterior. With a facade suggesting rippling waves, the overall effect is that of a living, breathing organism within the urban landscape. Public spaces at the base of the tower offer a welcome retreat from the city, with winding paths leading visitors through open, landscaped infused with water features. These spaces will host cultural events and luxury retail. Above, a rooftop terrace, will open out toward panoramic views of the city, the Han River, and the mountainous landscape beyond.

J. Mayer H. cheongdam
inspired by ‘clear water,’ the tower symbolizes purity and a natural environment



A Center for Fashion & Culture by J. Mayer H.


The new public areas at the Cheongdam Tower are proposed by J. Mayer H. Architecture as a ‘green oasis’ within the city, encouraging a sense of community and cultural identity.


The team notes: ‘The Cheongdam Tower forms the center of the Korean fashion and K-Culture scene in Seoul and impressively reflects the contemporary attitude to life, in which nature and culture are combined with high-end living and luxury consumption. It stands out symbolically in the urban space and represents an unmistakable point of attraction with international appeal.


The design of the Cheongdam Tower, with its organically evolved and greened volume clad in a thin, protective louver, creates a distinctive sculptural silhouette. It symbolically stands out in the urban space, representing a unique focal point with international allure.’

J. Mayer H. cheongdam
the sustainable design incorporates water features and green spaces throughout j. mayer h. unveils winning design of water-inspired 'cheongdam tower' for seoul
flowing lines and green terraces evoke a living organism within the city j. mayer h. unveils winning design of water-inspired 'cheongdam tower' for seoul
public spaces offer a green oasis with shops, cultural events, and city views


the unique design with its green facade promises to be a new Seoul landmark

j. mayer h. unveils winning design of water-inspired 'cheongdam tower' for seoulevent spaces will serve as potential platforms for celebrating K-Culture


a rooftop terrace will open out toward views across the city

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