concrete melbourne home by jackson clements burrows integrates perforated shutters
all images by peter clarke




given a brief of creating a low maintenance home, embodying contemporary aesthetics and organized around an open plan interior, melbourne-based architects jackson clements burrows have designed the ‘may grove’ residence located in the city’s suburb of south yarra. based on a 250 square meter plot, the refined design draws upon an understated material palette consisting of recycled red brick, raw cement sheet panels and timber.

the façade is defined by its flush, concrete panels with operable shutters




characterized by its minimal exterior which stands as an abstract yet engaging element on the residential street, the upper level windows are articulated with operable perforated shutters which forms a seamlessly integrated façade. as well as framing views, controlling ventilation and privacy, the perforations are emphasized during the evenings from the light within – animating the building and creating a playful and vibrant entry forecourt. inside, the muted and contemporary interiors serve as a comfortable home where skylights and different windows celebrate the ephemeral essentials of the play of light and shade over the course of time.

jackson-clements-burrows-architects-may-grove-residence-melbourne-designboom-02the perforated shutters open up to reveal the windows

jackson-clements-burrows-architects-may-grove-residence-melbourne-designboom-02the open-plan living space

jackson-clements-burrows-architects-may-grove-residence-melbourne-designboom-02the house is low cost, robust and minimal yet notably integrates the qualities of light and volume

jackson-clements-burrows-architects-may-grove-residence-melbourne-designboom-02the interiors have been left minimal and refined, a consistent design aesthetic throughout the scheme

a restrained internal palette distills the experience to celebrate the ephemeral essentials of the play of light and shade

jackson-clements-burrows-architects-may-grove-residence-melbourne-designboom-02the scheme uses a restrained material palette of recycled red brick, raw cement sheet panels and timber

jackson-clements-burrows-architects-may-grove-residence-melbourne-designboom-02at night, light from the interior can be seen through the perforations, animating the façade