jaime juárez shapes 'casa becker' as two concrete blocks reaching for the mexican horizon

jaime juárez shapes 'casa becker' as two concrete blocks reaching for the mexican horizon

‘casa becker’: harmonizing topography with architecture 


Architect Jaime Juárez harmonizes topography with architecture in his latest project, ‘Casa Becker.’ Nestled within a Golf Club in the Mexican city of Morelia, this single-family home seemingly emerges from the site terrain as two blocks of concrete volumes set on a slab stone foundation, each framing panoramic views of the golf course and valley ahead.


Juárez oriented the blocks ‘in such a way that from the entrance, they are almost imperceptible and subtly rise towards the northwest, which is the privileged view of the place. These two elements are clean blocks in their design and construction, which were left exposed, generating a balance between solidity and purity — this largely to the sincerity of its materials.’


Essentially, the house is distinguished by a rationalist aesthetic and striking horizontality in relation to its walls and windows. These elements are planted in a linear form, subtly integrating into the landscape while contrasting with the surrounding vegetation. Moreover, the architect made sure to offer each a special place inside ‘Casa Becker’ for each resident, together composing a family of five. ‘We created various spaces related to the users, such as small garden, a pedagogy studio, a workshop for scale model airplanes, and a private patio for children,’ he writes. 

becker house 3
all images © Cesar Belio



balancing coexistence with intimacy 


Laying out the interior program, Juárez developed the structure on a single level, with clearly defined areas interacting through a series of interior gardens. These areas with dense vegetation regulate the temperature inside while exuding natural finishes that complement the concrete’s soberness and the wood’s warmth, achieving an atmospheric balance.


Our proposal is defined by corridors and gardens that users discover as if it were a gallery, but with the essence of a home. One of these interior corridors is the one that separates the intimate area from the social area. This particular route has a game of textures and natural elements, which become protagonists of the project, managing to be a visual finish where different spaces converge,’ adds the architect

becker house 4
‘Casa Becker’ is defined by two concrete volumes split by an outdoor staircase



Moreover, defining the house’s core is a linear, open-plan kitchen that gently connects with the gardens, terraces, living room, and guest area. Here, elements and materials contrasting the concrete palette were used: wooden cabinets and two black service blocks oozing a sculptural quality. The resulting ambiance evokes a space for coexistence without denying residents their intimacy.


One block hosts the family room, a contemplative and permanent place born as a ‘wing’ of the kitchen, coexisting naturally as the day unfolds. This multifunctional place is protected by a wooden lattice that reduces the solar incidence in its south orientation while isolating it from the rest of the house to give it privacy. The guest area, meanwhile, opens onto the landscape thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows, capturing spectacular views while inviting the outdoors in.

becker house 5
corridors and inner gardens bind the different spaces together



Occupying the second concrete volume are the private areas that communicate with the rest of the house through a corridor surrounded by a garden and black flagstone wall. More so, the main bedroom links to the outdoor landscape through a terrace that extends the concrete walls and frames panoramic vistas; its wood and concrete pairing recalls the spirit of the social areas, achieving a restful and meditative setting. The children’s rooms, meanwhile, comprise a block divided by a wooden wall. ‘Each bedroom is joined by a central patio that becomes a recreational and playful area, which houses a tree from the region, serving as a visual finish,’ concludes Jaime Juárez. 



becker house 6
pairing concrete with warm-toned and natural elements

becker house 8
the linear kitchen defines the core of ‘Casa Becker’

becker house 9
inviting coexistence without denying residents intimacy

becker house 11
the family area opens onto a panoramic view of the valley ahead

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