JDS architects has just unveiled plans of new projects:

mixed use development, mexico

daymoon desarolladores S.A. de C.V. have contracted JDS to design and develop new projects: one in guadalajara and another in puerto vallarta, mexico. in puerto vallarta, they will be designing a 52,000 m2 housing and retail complex with pools, a club house and other amenities for residents, located just a stone’s throw away from the touristic beach front.

‘the project is aimed not only tourists to the area, but to also attract the local people of puerto vallarta. in order to keep the city alive and vibrant even in low touristic seasons, it is necessary to introduce these types of projects around the resort areas,‘ says francisco villeda, associate, JDS architects.

in guadalajara, they will be designing a 280,000 m2 mixed-use master plan complex, which is meant to consolidate the new urban center of the city and will hopefully become an important symbol of growth and power in the second largest city in mexico.

JDS architects unveils new projects olympia kwartier, almere city, netherlands

as part of the city of almere’s redevelopment in the netherlands, JDS will be completing two new projects within the project in the new neighbourhood olympia kwartier. the dutch architecture firm MVRDV is responsible for the master plan which has invited 24 international architecture offices to design 42 of the 82 buildings which are set to go-up.

JDS architects unveils new projects antwerp police department

for an invited competition which asked architects to design a police deparment in the heart of old-berchem, antwerp, belgium, JDS’ proposal won first prize. the building is being developed for AG vespa. it includes offices, public reception area and parking. construction is set to begin by the end of this year.

JDS architects unveils new projects tilburg project for sustainable cities, 2040

commissioned by the ministry of housing, spatial planning and environment of the netherlands and the netherlands assessment agency, in colllaboration with the atelier of the chief architect, JDS architects was asked to study opportunities of environmental development for the city of tilburg. their visions were presented during the congress for sustainable cities and will be part of a travelling show throughout this year.