la defense signal proposal by jean nouvel

french architect jean nouvel’s plans to build a high tech skyscraper in paris, have been put on hold after investors hard-hit by the global slowdown grew nervous.

nouvel won the contract to build the signal tower in 2008 as part of an ambitious plan to rejuvenate la defense, the drab business district on paris’s western edge.

‘the project will become a reality once the economic crisis has eased,’ nouvel said in a statement.

EPAD (the public body for the development of la défense) received a letter from nouvel’s firm notifying that the firm was abandoning the project due to lack of investment. read more here.

jean nouvel paris skyscraper shelved la defense signal proposal

jean nouvel paris skyscraper shelved la defense signal proposal

jean nouvel paris skyscraper shelved model of la defense signal proposal

on other news related to nouvel, today it was annouced that the firm has been selected to design the 10th serpentine gallery pavilion.

the design is a contrast of lightweight materials and dramatic metal cantilevered structures. the entire design is rendered in a vivid red that, in a play of opposites, contrasts with the green of its park setting. the colour reflects the iconic british images of traditional telephone boxes, post boxes and london buses.
the building consists of bold geometric forms, large retractable awnings and a freestanding wall that climbs 12m above the lawn, sloping at a gravity defying angle. it experiments with the idea of play in its incorporation of the french tradition of outdoor table-tennis. striking glass, polycarbonate and fabric structures create a versatile system of interior and exterior spaces. the flexible auditoria will accommodate the serpentine gallery park nights and marathon and the changing summer weather.