‘teahouse’ by joost glissenaar, vlissingen, the netherlands all images courtesy of joost glissenaar

next to one of the newly-built restaurants inhabiting the revitalized shipyard de schelde in vlissingen, dutch firm joost glissenaar has created the 70 square meter ‘teahouse’ resting on the old pump building of the dock van perry. replete with allusions to maritime construction, an inverted hull-like structure comprised of curved laminated timber frames define the pavilion and exhibition. insulated reflective glass panes are fastened to stainless steel plates between wooden crossbeams that help resist lateral forces. metal members at both ends frame double doors and operable windows to naturally ventilate or completely open the space to the exterior in nice weather. a model boat is suspended in the center of the space over a glass floor revealing the original foundations and pumps beneath.

joost glissenaar: teahouse timber and metal construction with ventilation hatches

joost glissenaar: teahouse reflective glass facade

joost glissenaar: teahouse view from across the dock

joost glissenaar: teahouse current dock van perry

joost glissenaar: teahouse wood frame construction

joost glissenaar: teahouse original dock van perry and pumphouse

joost glissenaar: teahouse site plan

joost glissenaar: teahouse section

joost glissenaar: teahouse diagram

project info:

location: dokkershaven, vlissingen client: am zeeland design: joost glissenaar with ana jiménez de pedro, romke de haan scope: 70 m2 pavilion / exposition space start preliminary design: march 2011 completion: june 2012 advisors and suppliers:  van berge laban, kapelle (construction advisor)                                          glasimpex, schiedam (glass)                                          heko spanten, ede (wooden trusses)                                          van der poel, terneuzen (contractor)