JDS architects plans korsør baths development for an unused ferry port in denmark




JDS architects has been commissioned by the danish city of korsør to design a large water sports park in the region’s old docks. the site was previously home to a ferry line, which took once took passengers from korsør across the water to funen, denmark’s second largest island. this route was terminated 15 years ago when the monumental ‘great belt fixed link’ was constructed. since then, the docks have become obsolete and have fallen into a state of disuse.

the development offers a wide range of water and land sport related programs




the historical harbor now forms the starting point of a regeneration project that will unfold in multiple phases. although still at an early design stage, julien de smedt’s team has proposed a development that offers a wide range of water and land sport related programs. the plans include a number of different architectural aspects, including the provision of harbor baths for swimming, as well as skate ramps and bike paths. the scheme, which remains in development, seeks to establish korsør as an international destination for both sport enthusiasts and professionals.

the historical harbor forms the starting point of a regeneration project

site plan, indicating the scheme’s long term ambitions

the site shown in context



project info:


project: swimming, harbor bath     
budget: confidential     
type: commission
client: slagelse kommune     
status: ongoing 2016
location: korsør, denmark     
creative authorship: julien de smedt     
project leader: edgar jese rodriguez     
project team: nicolai palsbo