when the normal becomes impossible, a rethinking and a call for new situations are not only needed but also very much necessary. having run for 15 years, the JUNG architecture talks are adapting by moving into the virtual space. the events – and even a podcast – encourage personal exchanges between you and architects, builders, partners and other parties interested or professionally infused within the creative field. these discussions take place as a digital dialogue from now on, where you are still welcome to engage and, most importantly, stay connected.

JUNG architecture talks turn dialogue digital with podcasts and lectures
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for a brand that lives architecture day after day, the digitalization of JUNG LECTURES. architecture talks enables them and like-minded individuals to stay connected and up to date with knowledge. a guest list of renowned professors as well as young architects, networkers and personalities from architecture and design will explore a wealth of topics. they will share new approaches, controversial opinions and answer key questions, including ones like what were the biggest challenges you had to face in your career so far, which project is particularly dear to you, and which values and tips would you like to share? held in german and english, the digital events take place in weekly rotation.

JUNG architecture talks turn dialogue digital with podcasts and lectures
jette cathrin hopp of snøhetta (left) and kristian lars ahlmark of schmidt hammer lassen (right)



additional entertainment and expert dialogue can be found in a new format too – the JUNG architecture talks podcast, which discusses architecture for people, by people. same as in the live lectures, leading international personalities such as jette cathrin hopp (snøhetta), kristian lars ahlmark (schmidt hammer lassen), hadi teherani (hadi teherani architects) or werner frosch (henning larsen architects) share their building culture perspectives and detail current projects.

JUNG architecture talks turn dialogue digital with podcasts and lectures
hadi teherani of hadi teherani architects (left) and werner frosch of henning larsen (right)



the digitalization of the JUNG architecture talks as virtual events and podcasts ensure these professional, cultural dialogues can continue. although technical, they add a distinctively personal touch that helps unite you with leading international creatives in the industry again. the virtual space becomes one for sharing common passion for contemporary architecture and innovative design – and is only a click away.



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