K-12 green school by CEBRA in collab. with SLA & diamond developers
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the sustainable city is an innovative urban residential community in dubai, designed to meet or exceed the U.A.E’s highest environmental standards. initiated by diamond developers, the massive undertaking includes a total land mass of 5,000,000ft2 (46 hectares), with a capacity of 2,700 full-time residents and expected daily population of 6,000+. completion is expected to reach full fruition this year, but occupancy has been ongoing since 2015.

K-12 green school CEBRA SLA diamond developers dubai
open learning landscapes




the city, amongst a plethora of amenities, includes a K-12 education facility. originating from the actNOW partnership, the school was designed by danish CEBRA architecture in close collaboration with SLA (dk) and diamond developers. very much an embodiment of the larger project’s philosophy, the design represents a fundamental re-consideration of academic approach and setting.

rooftop athletic area




far from another sealed, air-conditioned space characteristic of many hot climates, the school is poised to instead take advantage of local weather patterns. utilizing the innate benefits of ecosystems — albeit artificially introduced and reinforced — functions are able to occur outside in a hospitable, naturally-cooled environment.

K-12 green school CEBRA SLA diamond developers dubai




students bounce between classrooms and open learning landscapes, the latter distinguished by diverse greenery (10,000 trees of 50 species, not including other biodiversity are present in the city), cooling wind towers, shaded outdoor areas, and more. viewed as crucial not inhibitory, the climate and vegetation serve as active parameters that shape the school’s physical environment and the teaching that occurs within. upon completion, the K-12 facility will accommodate 1,000 students.


sustainable campus

organization sketch



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