KAAN architecten plans study center for tilburg university in the netherlands
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dutch firms KAAN architecten and VORM are set to build a large new campus building at tilburg university in the southern part of the netherlands. comprising a total floor area of 11,000 square meters, the new education and self-study center — known as the OZC — aims to improve the school’s student facilities, increasing the quality of its education. construction work is set to get underway by the end of 2016, with a completion date scheduled for autumn, 2017.

the design takes a relatively low-profile form




the design takes a relatively low-profile form, with a square shape similar to that of the campus’ other buildings. nestled into the landscape, the scheme is characterized by ample daylight and an openness that offers views and sightlines throughout the design. study spaces are enclosed within a green setting, imagined as an opening in the woods. the OZC will support all faculties within the university, allowing 2,500 students and educators to be continuously connected with one another.

study spaces are enclosed within a green setting, imagined as an opening in the woods




in order to safeguard its openness and avoid feeling crowded, the building has been given extra berth. all internal spaces, including the corridors, are wide, light and tall — reaching up to six meters in height. the plans include a large number of study coves and group areas of different dimensions, as well as various lecture rooms equipped with all necessary IT and communication tools. an auditorium has been given a sunken central position, so that the building retains transparent passages from one end to another.

all internal spaces, including the corridors, are wide, bright, and tall

an auditorium has been given a sunken central position



project info:


project name: OZC (education and self-study center)
location: campus tilburg university (the netherlands)
client: tilburg university
program: auditorium, lecture rooms, tutorial rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant, exam rooms, lounge area
architect: KAAN architecten (kees kaan, vincent panhuysen, dikkie scipio)
design team: alejandro gonzáles pérez, martina margini, kevin park, maria stamati, yiannis tsoskounoglou, noemi vos, yang zhang
start construction: end of 2016
delivery: december 2017
GFA: 11,000 sqm


main contractor: VORM
project management: VORM
advisor water installations: a de jong installatietechniek
advisor electrical installations: steegman installatietechniek
advisor construction: pieters bouwtechniek
advisor technical installations: j van toorenburg installatieadviseur
advisor fire and acoustics: buro bouwfysica
sustainability: ABT
quality management: OPPS
landscape: bosch slabbers
visualizations: beauty & the bit