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KACH wraps this house in yanakacho with a floating, translucent facade

the lightweight expression of the house in yanakacho


photographer vincent hecht captures the luminous, breezy atmosphere of this house in yanakacho by japanese studio KACH (taiga kasai + chong aehyang architecture). the built area is divided between the dwelling and its courtyard, all wrapped in a floating, translucent polycarbonate envelope. this ethereal facade provides cover from direct sunlight during the day, while transforming into a glowing beacon a night. 

yanakacho house KACHimages © vincent hecht | @atelier.vincent.hecht



a house blending with its courtyard


designed by KACH (see more here), the house in yanakacho with its street level courtyard and full-height sliding windows inside, opens broadly to the sidewalk which defines the corner lot. this outward-facing condition can transform according to the occupants’ need for privacy with large exterior curtains which may provide an additional layer of enclosure from the street. when these curtains and glass doors are fully opened, the home’s interior blends with the courtyard to feel like an airy outdoor space.

yanakacho house KACH



kach designs a complex, open interior


inside the KACH-designed house in yanakacho, shifting levels introduce a rich spatial condition characterized by mezzanines, balconies, and landings. the double-height ground floor is organized with an open plan and hosts the kitchen. meanwhile, the upper level acts as a balcony surrounding the kitchen space, opening out and looking down on the ground floor below. the exterior walls of the upper level are enclosed by double-height windows which open toward the courtyard, along with an open-air balcony which nestles agains the translucent envelope.

yanakacho house KACH yanakacho house KACH yanakacho house KACH


KACH wraps this house in yanakacho with a floating, translucent facade








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