karlen + clemente studio sites its casa 3X6 within the vast landscape of rural argentina

karlen + clemente studio sites its casa 3X6 within the vast landscape of rural argentina

embraced by nature


Casa 3X6, designed by Karlen + Clemente Studio, is a newly built house located on a primarily trapezoidal corner plot on the outskirts of Rio Tercero, Argentina. The architects situate the dwelling in the center of the plot of land, aiming to minimize its built area and to surround it with the green area, ensuring that the architecture is embraced by nature.


The house has been designed as a recreational retreat, whose social areas are organized with an accessible programmatic flexibility, ensuring that the occupants can make full use of the space over time. ‘The entrance to the house is made from one of the streets, through vehicular and pedestrian entrances respectively,’ the architects write,generously removed to provide a better perspective.’ karlen clemente casa 3x6
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inside casa 3×6


Karlen + Clemente Studio designs its Casa 3X6 as a progression, which leads visitors from the garden, through the social areas, and finally toward the private spaces. The first strip of services comprises the kitchen, washroom, living area, and dining room, separated by a wall of exposed brick. The private and night areas comprise two bedrooms, a bathroom, a suite with a bathroom and dressing room. A gallery featuring a pool and pergolas is included in the remaining part of the program, which enhances the scenic views of the adjacent garden.

karlen clemente casa 3x6



timeless design by karlen + clemente


Casa 3X6’s design prioritizes sleek and minimalistic aesthetics, utilizing various materials to tailor them to the spatial demands of the interior. The architects have meticulously selected materials that exude a timeless quality and require minimal upkeep. The façade incorporates exposed concrete framed in planks, exposed brick masonry, aluminum glass carpentry, and black ironwork to achieve the desired effect.


The house takes shape with a thoughtful design that demonstrates the architects’ skill in achieving an harmonious balance between functionality and character. The dwelling introduces a comfortable and adaptable living environment to its rural site while blending into its vast landscape.

karlen clemente casa 3x6
an elongated swimming pool highlights the linear organization

karlen clemente casa 3x6
full-height glazing leads onto the patio and pool areakarlen clemente casa 3x6rhythmic structure enhances perspective toward the horizon


karlen + clemente studio sites its casa 3X6 within the vast landscape of rural argentinainteriors are flooded with ambient sunlight

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