secluded cabin in japanese forest by kengo kuma
all images courtesy of kengo kuma and associates





in the woods east of japan, kengo kuma and associates has designed a home that offers panoramic views out to its respecting landscape. the ‘incline to forest’ project, sits above a slope and has a large elevated terrace built around a tree. a slanted canopy covers the porch and is cantilevered with an angle that is in reverse to the pitch of the rest of the house. the shading structure creates a V-shape for half the expanse of the external volume. wooden framing also decorates the interior with exposed timber beams. the modest dwelling grows in height from the communal spaces which are partitioned by a large bookcase. shielding the sun, each window is fitted with a contemporary shoji screen (rice-paper curtain) that can adjust in numerous ways, to create varying ambiances suitable to the client’s needs. the tranquil cabin provides a getaway from the city life in its secluded location.

aerial view of the large living room with deck seamlessly joining the rest of the hardwood

the shoji screens reveal views to the outside

wall-to-wall shelving lines the common area

view towards the kitchen and dining area

opened rice-paper curtains bring in natural daylight and provide direct access from the living room to outdoor patio

the deck is built around a tree and overlooks the dense forest

the large terrace sits on the slope to create stunning views

the shaded covering is also constructed around the tree trunk



project info:


location: eastern japan
completion: 2012
program: villa
area: 187.11 m2