the team at kengo kuma and associates unveils the intricate interior of its SHANG XIA retail store in beijing. the design stands as an homage to the spirit of the fashion brand, owned by Hermès, which celebrates traditional chinese craftsmanship while translating it into a present-day sensibility. the space is organized by sculptural partitions, defined by their rhythmic array of loosely spaced, diamond-shaped glass bricks. the luminous bricks, each 5.5 inches by 2 inches, leave the compact interior with a feeling of openness and lightness and allow the visitor to gaze beyond the shelving and across the entire space.

kengo kuma SHANG XIA
images © eiichi kano 



in the design of its SHANG XIA retail interior, kengo kuma and associates (KKAA) succeeds in expanding the compact space. the team notes its strategies of visualizing complex phenomena of light including its transmission, reflection, and refraction. the ceiling shows an entirely mirrored finish. this detail serves to visually expand the volume of the interior while increasing the textural richness of the glass block partitions. despite the intricacy of the design, the monochromatic palette visually highlights the colorful products and allows them to beautifully emerge. the team comments: ‘we aimed to revive the cultural tradition of china, which has pursued the beauty of light and its unique brilliance.’

kengo kuma SHANG XIA

kengo kuma SHANG XIA

kengo kuma designs its SHANG XIA interior in beijing with a constellation of glass bricks kengo kuma designs its SHANG XIA interior in beijing with a constellation of glass bricks



project info:


project title: SHANG XIA store

architecture: kengo kuma and associates (KKAA)

location: beijing, china

project team: yutaka terasaki, huaqiu zhou, maoyu mao

photography: © eiichi kano