KEY design studio presents ‘mountain stage’, an exhibition space created for a brand of windows and doors. the temporary structure is informed by chinese culture, the morphology of the landscape, and the desire to establish a spiritual ‘pilgrimage’ through the space.

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images courtesy of KEY design studio



‘under the impact of modernism, our cities are full of reinforced concrete glass boxes, and our buildings are gradually fading the spiritual and cultural connotation they should have and turn into a slave of efficiency,’ says KEY design studio. ‘from a thousand cities with the same face to the interior space that is eager to follow the trend, is there any difference in the environment we live in and the scenes we switch? apart from basic functions, will it give you spiritual inspiration and comfort?’

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with the aim of providing a spiritual place, the designers simplified mountain morphology into five stepped elements, each of which rises up and down in peaks and troughs. the lowest mountain invites visitors inside the exhibition, where they follow a path through the various spaces. 

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the first mountain is combined with rocks as an art installation, and the second mountain shows the cultural history of the company. the dark blue multi-layer board represents the rolling hills while the rippled mirror panels evoke water. on the ground, dark stone tiles represent the approach to the mountain, and at the same time, provide a sharp contrast with the modern brushed stainless-steel mountain.

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the third mountain showcases window products. while arranging the products evenly, the interior space is designed as a pure outdoor landscape; both sides can be viewed at the same time to maintain sightlines.

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the rest area on the fourth hill is more like a mountain rest stop. when you are tired from climbing, take a break and enjoy the different scenery. the background wall uses multimedia technology to display waterfalls. the brand’s windows and doors are also integrated around the space, allowing visitors get a real feel for the products. 

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the fifth mountain showcases sliding doors. this interior is designed as a colorful mini model room, where visitors can enter and experience the practicality of the product.

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‘there is an ancient chinese saying: ‘a mountain needn’t be high; it is famous so long as there is a deity on it. a lake needn’t be deep; it has supernatural power so long as there is a dragon in it.’ we hope to use the mountain’s toughness, reliability, and quiet power to express the sturdiness, durability, and sound insulation of window and door,’  say the designers about the project.

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project info:


name: mountain stage 山涧驿站

type: exhibition design

design firm: KEY design studio

lead designers: kun zhang, zhongqi hui


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edited by: lynne myers | designboom