‘new heden’

located in gothenburg, sweden is a city block known as ‘heden’, that currently consist of football fields and parking lots. a new plan has been proposed by swedish architects kjellgren kaminsky architects to convert the area into a multifunctional and sustainable city that will include parks, apartments, shops, offices and sports facilities.

‘new heden’ consists of sliced hills with grass roofs that can be walked upon. small trails wander up the hills to picnic spots with views of gothenburg. roofs also hold allotments and small parks. features of the roof is that it can absorb rain water that can be purified and reused as household water. each of the buildings are well insulated and will be low in energy consumption. the design is expected to house approximately 10 000 people.

kjellgren kaminsky architecture: 'new heden', sweden ‘new heden’kjellgren kaminsky architecture: 'new heden', sweden ‘new heden’

kjellgren kaminsky architecture: 'new heden', sweden ‘new heden’ connects to the surrounding urban grid with continuous walkways and cycle paths

more: http://www.kjellgrenkaminsky.se