knitknot architecture el jicarito school nicaragua
multi-disciplinary collective knitknot architecture, in collaboration with latin america oriented NGO seeds of learning, has completed design for a two-classroom, low-cost school prototype. the proposal — planned for tipitapa, nicaragua — is a double-sided concept that involves not only learning within the building, but from it as well. understood not only as an architectural project, the ‘el jicarito school’ is a piece of infrastructure for the socio-economic context of its built community.

school plaza | all images courtesy of knitknot architecture



construction systems are viewed as a direct learning process for the community. an exploration and knowledge exercise for pupils and general public alike, the school is to be built using materials and methods innately known within the locale. but also, elements such as earth bags require that people work together collaboratively to emphasize collective effort and non-specific capabilities.

knitknot architecture el jicarito school nicaragua
pre-kindergarten classroom



of course, it is a school. pupils will be within pre-kindergarten and elementary ages, with classrooms themselves conceived as flexible spaces that stimulate curiosity. various formats, including an open plaza where lectures (public and school-related) can be held. the possibility for internal spaces to open up or remain enclosed allows for a flexible grouping that can be re-arranged with ease to different needs and activities. to help support the construction of the ‘el jicarito school’, take a look at the scheme’s indiegogo campaign page here


video courtesy of gonzalo j. lopez

knitknot architecture el jicarito school nicaragua




video courtesy of gonzalo j. lopez  

interior programs 

knitknot architecture el jicarito school nicaragua
scale model 

el jicarito community

knitknot architecture el jicarito school nicaragua
site plan 



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