‘meixi lake masterplan’ by KPF



KPF (kohn pedersen fox) design for the meixi lake masterplan seeks is a densely concentrated urban project, centered around a 3.85km long water waywhich will be home to 180,000 inhabitants incorporating a variety of functions and building types, integrated with mountains, rivers, parks and canals, resulting in an environment which promotes both health and prosperity. as a new center within the larger metropolitan area of changsha, meixi it proposes to offer a new model for the future of the chinese urban landscape. advanced environmental engineering, pedestrian planning, cluster zoning, and garden integration, are all part of a holistic strategy of design in this healthy metropolis.



kohn pedersen fox architects: meixi lake masterplan



water is the first element of the meixi plan. it is retained to form a 40 hectare lake, which constitutes the ‘central park’ of the city. the lake provides for boat transport linkages, creates conditions for edge gardens, and makes places for cultural venues. around the circular heart of this water body is wrapped the mixed use CBD (central business district). here, high rise building districts are connected by a pedestrian tram street, reducing the need for car use in the city center.



kohn pedersen fox architects: meixi lake masterplan view of apartments and canals



radiating from the water’s edge is a series of canals, allowing for boat transport from the city center to any one of eight neighborhood clusters. each zone houses about 10,000 people, and includes a village center featuring a school, shopping area, and other public functions. these sectors are separated from one another by green buffers which accommodate exercise fields and natural landscaped territories. the architecture of each ‘village’ will be different, but material and formal coherence will be encouraged within each zone so as to create a sense of place.



kohn pedersen fox architects: meixi lake masterplan canals



the radial geometry of the city plan allows for a highly efficient transport system, reducing potential pollution and energy use. other environmental strategies include collective grey and black water systems, distributed energy plants, and urban agriculture. a river flood plane is turned into a linear park which includes recreational areas, micro farms, and residential rows.


kohn pedersen fox architects: meixi lake masterplanaerial view



overall, the design of meixi allows the vitality of a dense metropolis to be combined with the beneficial qualities of a natural setting. this forward looking community will benefit from and promote the development of new technologies. both a major convention center and an education/ R & D sector it will encourage chinese and foreign businesses to consider it as an  ideal place to demonstrate new ideas about the way we live. as a functional center, meixi lake will serve as the head of the west changsha pioneer zone; as an urban model, we expect it to lead the way to a new way of thinking about the city of the future.



kohn pedersen fox architects: meixi lake masterplan site plan



project info:


location: changsha, china client: gale international type: master plan, mixed use, residential size: 120 million ft2 / 6.5 million m2