koichi takada architects shapes brisbane 'upper house' with twisting 'roots'

koichi takada architects shapes brisbane 'upper house' with twisting 'roots'

expressive architecture grows in brisbane


Upper House, situated in South Brisbane, Australia, stands tall as the latest residential project by Koichi Takada Architects. Comprising 188 apartments spread across thirty-three stories, this skyscraper rises to exemplify a fusion of nature, design, resident wellbeing, and sustainability that defines modern urban living. The architecture draws inspiration from the majestic Moreton Bay Fig tree. Echoing the tree’s buttress root system, the building’s facade transitions into a timber pergola which serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose. Crafted with precision by collaborator Theca, this rooftop pergola features intricate twists and curves reminiscent of the tree’s roots, providing stability and anchoring the building to its surroundings. Here, two timber ‘nests’ lend unique gathering spaces for residents, accessible by footbridges from the 32nd floor.

koichi takada upper housethe residential high-rise in South Brisbane, Australia will redefine urban living | image © Scott Burrows



a wellness tower by koichi takada architects


The design team at Koichi Takada Architects shapes the facade of the Upper House as a canvas that tells a story of indigenous history and culture. Designed by Australian artist Judy Watson, the five-story artwork titled Bloodlines weaving string and water, 2023, intricately integrates together metal, light, and narrative. Through this artwork, Watson honors the indigenous heritage that connects people to the land, fostering a sense of inclusion and respect among residents.

Inside, the tower is a sanctuary for holistic wellness. Perched across the Brisbane River from the CBD, the tower boasts a double-story Wellness Club known as Upper Club. Spanning two premium rooftop floors, this expansive facility offers over 1,000 square-meters of world-class amenities designed to promote community interaction and enhance residents’ wellbeing. From infinity pools and spas to fitness clubs and yoga studios, every aspect is crafted to foster a sense of balance and vitality.

koichi takada upper house
the architecture draws from the Moreton Bay Fig tree, lending an expressive design | image © Tom Ferguson



upper house shapes the future of green living


In line with Koichi Takada Architects’ commitment to environmental stewardship, Upper House embodies sustainable design principles throughout. Strategically oriented to maximize natural light and ventilation, the apartments feature outdoor balcony spaces that offer stunning views of the city skyline or lush green landscapes. The building’s energy-efficient systems, recycled materials, and rainwater harvesting capabilities further minimize its environmental footprint, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future. Upper House is the result of a partnership between Aria Property Group and Koichi Takada Architects. Together, they’ve redefined high-density living by seamlessly integrating nature, design, and community into the fabric of urban life. As a beacon on the Brisbane skyline, Upper House embodies the city’s spirit and celebrates its tropical beauty.

koichi takada upper house
a five-story artwork by artist Judy Watson celebrates indigenous history and culture | image © Tom Ferguson



Architect Koichi Takada comments:Now, more than ever, we understand the importance of respecting and acknowledging our rich history in Australia, home to the oldest known civilization on earth. The five-story artwork on the building’s facade was conceived as a way to contribute a valuable narrative to the urban landscape and the work of indigenous artist, Judy Watson, tells stories of our nation’s first people.’

The architectural form of Upper House draws inspiration from the Moreton Bay Fig, with ‘architectural roots’ taking us on a journey from our ancient past at its base, up to the future of vertical living. Topped with biodiverse outdoor areas, wellbeing retreat and social hub, Upper House addresses what is referred to as connection deficit.’ koichi takada upper house
the artwork becomes a luminous beacon in the evening | image © Mark Nilonkoichi takada architects shapes brisbane 'upper house' with twisting 'roots'
balcony spaces and communal areas promote interaction and community | image © Mark Nilon


Upper House prioritizes energy-efficient systems and recycled materials | image © Mark Nilon

koichi takada architects shapes brisbane 'upper house' with twisting 'roots'
residents enjoy access to a double-story Wellness Club and wellness amenities | image © Scott Burrows


two timber ‘nests’ lend unique gathering spaces for residents | image © Mark Nilon

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