‘easy safe dry’ by kola + kle

german vincent lange, jan konschel, nadine klebe of kola + kle are one of the 5 finalists in the the safe trestles competition, to design a pathway for san onofre state beach, california.

addressing the problem of damaging the wetlands by foot traffic, dangerous railroad crossing, no accessibility, confusing routes implementation they created ‘easy safe dry’, a straight, mounted path, with a safe railroad crossing and easy access bridging the wetlands. the whole concept uses the same material – wood. it is a cheap and natural solution and the direction is accented through the linear installation. at the same time it is the base for informations and simply applied graphics indicate functions or situations. it presents information on nature, surfers and history, and thus addressed visitors and surfers at the same time.the second element at the beach is multifunctional: including all requested functions (restrooms, water fountains, toilets, informations). the path is elevated and provides an overview of the entire region. graphic and structural signals provide far before the railway crossing for safety. direct at the railway crossing. directly on the railway crossing serve visual and audible signals for insurance. an additional narrowing leads the visitor towards the crossing.

kola + kle: easy safe dry the various access along the path

kola + kle: easy safe dry site plan

kola + kle: easy safe dry elevation view

kola + kle: easy safe dry detail of elevation

kola + kle: easy safe dry detail of elevation