a lookout tower by huť architektury is the result of several years of collaboration with a local ski resort, kraličák, of the czech republic. situated near the summit of a high peak, the tower overlooks the vast forested mountains and surrounding ski slopes. the project comprises a year-round accessible, 35-meter high lookout tower sited at the top station of the chair lift at the center of the resort, confidently rising as a slender, monumental obelisk. the simple structural system expresses a slim, vertical structure of timber and steels secured laterally by cables.

kralicak lookout tower
all images by jakub skokan and martin tůma / boysplaynice



the construction of the huť architektury tower expresses larch log elements, clearly influenced by the forested context. the vertically oriented timber elements elevate a viewing platform which is protected from high winds by safety glass. a round, wooden, centralized staircase hangs like a pendulum, further balancing gusts of wind. visitors ascend 152 steps above the surrounding treetops to access this platform, above which are only red signal lights and a wind vane. 
the platform’s structural strength had been meticulously tested to withstand winds, snow, and ice. 

kralicak lookout tower



at five-meter increments, the timber logs are reinforced by a connective steel joint to which a stiffening truss is attached. at these points of connection, the individual rods are fixed. horizontal and torsional forces are taken by steel tension cables fixed to bases fifteen meters away from the tower. 
while larch wood proves to be inherently resistant against extreme weather conditions, the wood does not contact the moist soil. the tower is expected to last at least thirty years.

kralicak lookout tower kralicak lookout tower kralicak lookout tower a timber lookout tower rises above the forested mountains of a czech ski area a timber lookout tower rises above the forested mountains of a czech ski area a timber lookout tower rises above the forested mountains of a czech ski area



project info:


project title: lookout tower at kraličák

architect: huť architektury martin rajniš

design team: martin rajniš, david kubík

project location: ski resort kraličák, czech republic

completion year: 2018

photography: jakub skokan, martin tůma / boysplaynice