‘shichigahama elementary school + junior high school’ by the office of kumiko inui, miyagi, japanall images courtesy of office of kumiko inui

japanese practice office of kumiko inui has designed the ‘shichigahama elementary school + junior high school’, an educational campus in a small town in shichigahama of miyagi, japan. the peninsula’s landscape of lush forests led to a configuration which welcomes the outdoors into the learning environment. the building’s open and permeable boundary creates a connection with trees and plants which surround the structure.

four-legged huts of varying sizes are dedicated to diverse activities. scattered throughout the interior, their placement fragments the open plan to produce more intimate spaces. the series of pavilions and courtyards blur boundaries between the interior and exterior, integrating nature into classrooms and gathering spaces, aiming to generate an ideal atmosphere for students.

kumiko inui: shichigahama elementary school + junior high school classroom set within the trees and plantings

kumiko inui: shichigahama elementary school + junior high school aerial view of masterplan

project info:

date: 2012.02 type: education status: ongoing staff: kumiko inui , takeshi murakuni , shunsuke yamane location: miyagi, japan consultant: jun sato structural engineers, kankyo engineering inc photo: office of kumiko inui