‘xcoma bar’ by KUU in xian, china photography by jeremy san / stzernstudioall images courtesy KUU




shanghai-based design practice KUU (kok meng tan, satoko saeki) has sent us images of ‘xcoma bar’, a small cafe and bar space for a gallery in xian, china. measuring just 50 square meters on a long and narrow area, the design incorporates a large step that runs along the length of the space to provide informal seating during events.


taking up a slim volume with a noticeably high ceiling, the project seeks to maintain a sense of openness by minimizing the amount of furniture on the ground floor. the high bench-like structure highlights the shape of the cafe, elongating the space with a natural wooden finish that contrasts with the rest of the material palette. the users are encouraged to choose their own arrangement, establishing a more natural social experience. 

KUU: xcoma bar general views

KUU: xcoma bar exposed concrete floor and ceiling

KUU: xcoma bar (left) small tables (right) bench in use

KUU: xcoma bar floor plan

KUU: xcoma bar elevation

KUU: xcoma bar cross sections