lake flato constructs vertical lakeside retreat above the tree line in texas
all images © andrew pogue




lake flato has established a portfolio of private residences that merge sustainable architecture with distinctive mid-to-south western landscapes. located in marble falls, texas, the ‘blue lake retreat’ rises vertically with its steep hillside topography. the residence comprises three storeys and is defined by its framed structure and oversized, asymmetric timber roof. circulation runs externally with an open stairwell connecting all three levels, and outdoor patios. a cantilevered deck reaches out toward the lake while a bridge anchors into the hillside, connecting the house to its surrounding landscape. 

circulation runs externally, with an open stairwell connecting all three levels




living programs have been positioned above the tree line at the uppermost level, providing sweeping lake views. the choice of materials evokes an industrial aesthetic. the metal framed building features a combination of wood paneling and corrugated metal sheets that have been punctured with openings. meanwhile, the generous rooms inside have been furnished in a light and contemporary manner with four separate bedrooms tucked below on the lower two floors — all of which are boast large windows and views of the outdoors.

wood paneling and corrugated metal sheets have been punctured with openings

a balcony protrudes towards the lake
the living programs have been positioned on the top floor
rooms have balconies on each side, with the rugged hillside behind and lake on the other
four separate bedrooms are found on the lower two floors
the dining room
the interiors establish a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere

living space organized around a central fireplace
the getaway is located in the region of marble falls in texas

the dwelling softly illuminated at night