austin maynard architects designs this 'lang house' for living large in a small block

austin maynard architects designs this 'lang house' for living large in a small block

a new vision for melbourne living


Lang House, a recently completed project by Melbourne-based Austin Maynard Architects (AMA), embodies a fresh perspective on living in the heart of the city. Designed for a family of four, the double-story house prioritizes wellness, efficiency, and a connection to nature, creating an ‘airy calmness’ within a relatively small block. The owners approached AMA with a clear vision: a house free from confining hallways, one that maximized natural light and embraced greenery. They sought a space that would not only be practical and energy-efficient but also possess a unique and inspirational character. Their brief emphasized multi-functionality, abundant natural light, and connections to the outdoors.

austin maynard architects designs this 'lang house' for living large in a small blockimages © Tess Kelly



austin maynard curates A Tough Exterior & a Soft Interior


Lang House is designed by Austin Maynard Architects to express a contrasting design language. Its exterior, clad in durable equitone panels, evokes a deliberate austerity, well-suited to its busy South Yarra location. The architects strategically positioned the house on the western side of the block, minimizing impact on the neighbor’s light and garden. In contrast, the interior is a haven of warmth, featuring natural timber, soft curves, and lush greenery. A sculptural timber ‘tree trunk’ integrates the bathrooms on both floors, fostering a sense of cohesion. Despite the limitations of the site, AMA maximized space. Large windows and openings on three sides bathe the interior in natural light, while a strategically placed void provides an additional sense of volume. Open floor plans and a white perforated steel staircase further enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

austin maynard lang house
in Chinese and Cantonese, Lang 靚 means ‘pretty’



lang house: a home for the long term


Austin Maynard Architects’ Lang House stands to exemplify to the importance of thoughtful detailing. From bespoke light fixtures to the chevron-patterned tiles in the ensuite that echo the exterior facade, every element is thoughtfully considered. The architects even incorporated a steel support column that doubles as an open shelf for displaying cherished items. The owners envisioned Lang House as their forever home, a space that would adapt to their evolving needs. The design prioritizes multi-functionality and avoids age-specific features, ensuring its relevance for years to come.

austin maynard lang house
the team avoids hallways and maximizes open space, natural light, and connection to greenery austin maynard lang house
the durable exterior contrasts with the warm interiors featuring natural timber and curved elements austin maynard architects designs this 'lang house' for living large in a small block
each room can serve multiple purposes, with hidden storage to keep spaces clutter-free


internal courtyards with large openings blur the lines between indoors and outdoors

austin maynard architects designs this 'lang house' for living large in a small block
large windows and a central void create a feeling of spaciousness on a small block


solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and energy-efficient features make Lang an eco-friendly home

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