lantavos projects renovates fast food restaurant in athens
(above: handmade 3d pattern tiles form an internal island)
all images © nikos girinis 




goody’s burger house, a greek fast food chain restaurant located in athens, redefined its brand identity implementing a new architectural concept, created by the firm chadios+associatesthe brief lantavos projects received stated that the design had to integrate architectural, decorative, and visual elements with direct or indirect references to the implemented international industrial style the brand wants to portray. 


the new proposal abolished the use of the mezzanine for various reasons. one of them was the idea of making the available space as big as possible, and to do so they removed the staircase that connected it with the ground floor. the other one was that because of the high costs of modifying it, they had to maintain the kitchen and the counter in the same position. as for the dining space, it preserved the herringbone wooden panel wall, designed in 2009 by the same architects.

lantavos projects
the 3D star was placed opposite the library as a symbol of the brand




a red metal frame library was attached to the wall, referencing the connect-the-dots game, while at the same time attempting a constructivists aesthetic approach. three wooden tables appear as an extension to this structure. on the opposite wall, and in a direct dialogue with the library, a red star has been placed as a visual sign of the brand, this time in a 3D version of it that looks like coming out of the wall.

lantavos projects
a wooden bar table has been placed between the two columns




the timber surfaces used in wall and ceiling sections, as well as on the table tops and benches, were all made of MDF with pressed ash tree veneer and a slight aging process. these elements add warmth while creating an interesting contrast with the forged cement surfaces and metallic details. the façade is dominated by the image of verticality that is expressed through the black mullion windows. the connection of the inside with the outdoor area is reinforced by the use of a lifted rectangular window.

lantavos projects
the new proposal abolished the use of the mezzanine by removing the staircase

lantavos projects
wooden elements add warmth and create interesting contrasts with the forged cement surfaces and metallic details

lantavos projects
the library design references the constructivist movement

lantavos projects
view of the metallic façade with the lifted window 

lantavos projects
the outside seating area has a decorative harp-like parapet that divides and gives some privacy

lantavos projects
natural and an artificial bushes delimit the outdoor area

lantavos projects
façade view from the square 

lantavos projects

lantavos projects



project info:


title: gbh restaurant

architectural design: lantavos projects

concept & architectural branding: chadios+associates

location: victoria square, athens, greece

area: 161.20 m2



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