Electrical substation renovation by laplan


architecture studio LAPLAN renovated an electrical substation in the czechian town of vyškov. built during WWII by the german army, the structure once served as a high-voltage facility for a large military base. by the end of the 20th century, however, the army vacated the building – leaving it standing for years as a disused volume on a hill, above the town. 


the substation was originally two stories high, with a heavy reinforced concrete ceiling. nowadays, it functions as a three-floor office building that hosts a small, modern apartment on the top floor. to gain an extra level, the architects demolished the original reinforced concrete ceiling and inserted two new steel structures — allowing a new living space to flourish.  

electrical substation renovation 1
all images © LAPLAN



retaining the original volume and expression of the building



moving on to the interiors, the spaces reveal a contemporary and simple design. more importantly, the technical character of the substation is reflected in both the exposed steel ceiling beams with corrugated iron sheeting and the original reinforced concrete top that dominates the apartment on the third floor. 


as a final touch, the architects have replaced the surrounding, impenetrable bushes with a grassy cover which will gradually blend with the existing vegetation. ‘the substation will thus revert to its original state – alone, aging in the greenery at the intersection, and looking down on the fields, woods, and town,’ concludes LAPLAN.

electrical substation renovation 2
a third floor, not apparent from the outside, was added to accommodate a small flat

electrical substation renovation 4
the substation sits alone, surrounded by vegetation

LAPLAN converts disused electrical substation into office and living spaces
view of the newly-added black steel balcony on the top floor

electrical substation renovation 6
office interiors revealing simple, contemporary furnishing

LAPLAN converts disused electrical substation into office and living spaces
the original reinforced concrete structure dominates the living spaces






project info:


name: electrical substation renovation
architecture: LAPLAN | @laplan_atelier
location: vyškov, czech republic
total area: 120 sqm



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