OOPEAA recreates finnish + chinese pavilion at UABB
image © pekka turunen





the second part of ‘re-creation’, conceived by finnish studio OOPEAA has been completed at the shenzhen bi-city biennale for urbanism and architecture (UABB) in january 2014. curated by the director of the museum of finnish architecture, juulia kauste, the exhibition is based on a concept by anssi lassila that explores spatial notions of origin and ‘copyability’ – constructed in two forms of different cultural contexts, one in finland, the other in china.


‘MFA – recreation – fiskars’
video courtesy of arkkitehtuurimuseo MFA



the first part was built in finland and unveiled at the opening of the event. the two pavilions differ from each other in their materials, techniques and vocabulary, the finnish structure is made from interconnected spruce logs, while the chinese one features locally crafted bamboo using traditional construction methods.

the finnish pavilion was constructed for the opening of the UABB biennale
image © designboom

the installation is based on spatial notions of origin and ‘copyability’
image © designboom

the structure employs traditional finnish language in its design
image © designboom

interior view of the small pavilion
image © tuomo tammenpää


‘MFA – recreation – shenzhen’
video courtesy of arkkitehtuurimuseo MFA

the chinese pavilion was built using bamboo
image © tuomo tammenpää



the chinese pavilion was constructed as a joint effort between designer gigi leung and master carpenter richard so, its bamboo design revisits asia’s architectural heritage. the poles are bound with metal hoops, giving them an arching, upward-tapering shape. characterized by earthy colours and textures, the vertically differs visibly from its horizontal finnish counterpart. rays of lights enter the interior through cracks between the poles and in the dark, the installation radiates warm light outwards.

interior view looking up to the roof of the structure
image © tuomo tammenpää

the two pavilions installed at the biennale
image © tuomo tammenpää




the shenzhen bi-city biennale for urbanism and architecture will remain on show until february 28, 2014, after which the MFA exhibition will feature in the finnish pavilion at the venice architecture biennale through summer 2014.



project info:


architects: anssi lassila, teemu hirvilammi
main assistant: kazunori yamaguchi
finnish installation master carpenter: kari virtanen (nikari oy)
assistant carpenters: mikko mertz and laura mattila
chinese pavilion designer: gigi leung (gi- space)
chinese installation master carpenter: richard so and assistants
photography: tuomo tammenpää, pekka turunen and ville tanttu