laura ortín arquitectura has completed a partial refurbishment of a private residence situated in the center of murcia, spain. the design generates a simple program that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, aligning with the occupants’ style and preferences. 

lab house 1
all images by david frutos



before the intervention by laura ortín arquitectura, the house had been recently renovated, however not fully meeting the client’s needs. intending to preserve the expensive materials of the previous refurbishment, the studio began to work, by dissecting the house into what it could maintain. as a result, the new design keeps the bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen, while transforming the rest of the space. 

lab house 2



the architects have formed the living room as a wide stage, where occupants can exhibit their souvenirs and art collections. this area is designed to be comfortable and charismatic, adapting to the users’ desire to focus on their various alternating hobbies. the room takes us to another world, creating an atmosphere of dreams and desires.

lab house 3



to create an emotional performative atmosphere, the large curved partition is covered with half-round wooden slats, lacquered with taupe chalk paint, a mixture of white and gray with a touch of blue. the result is an elegant shade that changes with the sunlight. due to its materiality and shape, the interior helps evoke a ‘movie theater’ effect by absorbing sound, while providing a soft and comfortable backdrop.

lab house 5



meanwhile, the newly designed bathroom in the bedroom area, transports us to a contemporary ‘arabian nights’ atmosphere. everything is covered in blue microcement that allows to follow the organicity, plasticity and flow of the water. in addition, curved glass doors and curtains are complete the interior.

lab house 4

lab house 6

lab house 7

lab house 8

lab house 9

lab house 10

lab house 12



project info:

name: lab house
architecture office: laura ortín arquitectura
location: murcia, spain



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