internal rendering of the cohesion between nature and built environments

director chris bosse of the international architectural think tank laboratory for visionary architecture (LAVA) says ‘the home of the future acts as a metaphor for the questions of our times, our relationship with nature, with technology, and with ourselves’ with the intention of balancing human needs and nature’s into one system. the geodesic sky dome will be begin construction in late 2011 atop a mall in beijing as a showcase for possible micro climate based living situations.

inspired from what nature does well, corals, cells, and bubbles, the structure will feature 15 different living spaces recreating a full range of experiences from vegetable patches connected to kitchens and bbq areas, and internal/external bathroom zones to sunken bedrooms. the natural environments will have integrated information technology as a means of electronic veins to the system.

LAVA: home of the future cross section

the fluidity from one space to another is a cell-based strategy that can be modified and applied to specific requirements. the ceiling construction is from ETFE a substitute to glass and plastic allowing more light, better insulation, less cost to install, and less weight.

LAVA: home of the future night time rendering of integrated lighting systems

LAVA: home of the future

an exhibition for the home of the future is on display at UTS architecture in sydney from today until march 31st, 2011. including the documenting of process material, working models, renderings and animations.

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